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2023 Old Dominion Results

Resident Handicap Champion Ryan Bucher
Samantha McInteer HOA Champ and Caleb Delp Singles Champion
Rick Diana - Resident Doubles Champion

2023 State Shoot Trophy List

Hall of Fame Singles Championship Winners

Winners from the state SCTP shoot.

We had 32 shooters attend the VA SCTP State Trap Shoot at Conservation Park of Virginia. I really want to thank Conservation Park and Roy Young for allowing us to hold the shoot there. The targets were awesome. The following are the results from the shoot

Rookie Class
1.      Christopher Baird      Arrowhead Young Guns
Intermediate/Entry Level
1.      Quinlan DeGraff.     Stafford Clay Shooters
2.      Baller McLeod.           Arrowhead Young Guns
3.      Layton Vick.                Arrowhead Young Guns
1.      Jackson Hearn.           Arrowhead Young Guns
2.      Trigg Francis.               Halifax Clay Busters
3.      Wyatt Crouse.             Stafford Young Guns
Senior/Jr. Varsity
1.      Matthew Grubbs.        Arrowhead Young Guns
2.      Lincoln Hearn.             Arrowhead Young Guns
3.      Makayla Andusko.       Arrowhead Young Guns
1.      Louis Marangoni.         Stafford Clay Shooters
2.      Matthew Coats.            Arrowhead Young Guns
3.      David Flusche.              Stafford Clay Shooters
1.      Grayden Bennett.         Arrowhead Young Guns

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Latest updates to the VA-NC-SC-GA schedules.

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2023 Virginia Shoot Dates

Hall of Fame-June 3-4

State Shoot- July 5th-9th
Old Dominion- September 16-17
The West Virginia state shoot -June 28th- July 2nd. at Winchester Gun Club
Below is what has been scheduled by VA clubs to date in Excel format.

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2023 Hall of Fame Inductee

Dean Spiridon Jr.

  Dean is known throughout Virginia for his shooting ability and his work in furthering trapshooting for generations to come.  He is a four-time ATA All-American and has been selected to state teams in Pennsylvania and Virginia numerous times.  Some of Dean’s major wins include 4 Grand American trophies, 13 wins in the Eastern Zone, 32 wins at state shoots, and various other wins.  He has shot over 112,000 targets and continues to add to that total every year.

  Not only are Dean’s skill and personal shooting accomplishments fantastic, but he has also taken an active role in giving back to the sport that he loves.  In 2014, he started a youth shooting team at his local club and then grew that into a state-wide youth trapshooting league the following year.  Throughout his time of helping with the league, it has managed to grow tremendously.  Dean also serves on the board of directors of the Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame, who’s mission is to further youth trapshooting in Virginia.

Hall of Fame-June 3-4
State Shoot- July 5th-9th
Old Dominion- September 16-17
The West Virginia state shoot -June 28th- July 2nd. at Winchester Gun Club

Old Dominion Trophy List and Event Scores

View or download Trophy List  👉 here

View or download Event 1 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 2 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 3 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 4 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 5 scores  👉 here

L-R Rob Owen, Larry High, Steve Newton, Roy Young, Mike Jeter

VA HOA Winner

Samantha McInteer 2022 HOA Winner

2022 VA Resident Champions

Resident Singles Champion Tristan Shupe 198
Resident Doubles Champion Alec V Sauble 99
Resident Handicap Champion Mike Virts 98

Resident HAA Alec V Sauble 379
Resident HOA Samantha J McInteer 1314

Parent/Child Winner Caleb & Elroy Delp 375
Gun Club Challenge Conservation Park 980

VA HoF Schlorship Winner

Alan Corey presents Ryan Bucher with the Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame scholarship.

Side By Side VAHoF Winners

Side by Side winners from the VA state trapshoot. Craig DePiazzy (left shooting an LC Smith that he borrowed from me of course.) Scott Petitto (right shooting a Model 21).

2022 State Shoot Trophy List

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Hall of Fame

The 2022 Virginia Hall of Fame inductee Grant Leister with his wife Vicki.
Levi Bolan 2022 HoF Singles Champion
Fairfax Rod & Gun Club brings home some metal
Conservation Park shooters Don Buck, Maggie Garthright and Samantha McInteer rockin the bling.

Hall of Fame Scores by Event

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View or download Event 2 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 3 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 4 scores  👉 here

View or download Event 5 scores  👉 here

2022 State Shoot Program

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Presquadding is open for the VA state shoot. We are using ScoresR this year instead of presquad.com
You will need to create an account to use it.
This is the link to the VA state shoot.
There is no cost to presquad this year.

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Virginia Trapshooting Association 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee announcement

Grant Leister

Grant started shooting registered trap in 1993 and continues to do so.  He has shot over seventy thousand targets in his trapshooting career and has won various trophies.

Grant served as the treasurer of the Virginia Trapshooting Association (VTA) for more than 20 years.  Along with this service, Grant has always been a staple as a shoot off referee during the Virginia State Trapshoots.  For a number of years, Grant and his wife, Vickie, assisted in giving out trophies to the winners at the VTA shoots.  Both of them always had a smile on their faces and enjoyed hearing about the wins.

I have known Grant for about 30 years now, always a pleasure to shoot with him or discus various aspects of good bourbon or cigars after shooting. He will be a well-deserved addition to the Hall of Fame.

Annual ATA membership renewals are due September 1st.

Online Membership Renewal   👉 here

🔹2021 State Shoot Trophy List🔹

Final results 👉 here

Congratulations to our 2021 Handicap Champion, Samantha McInteer, with a score of 98.

AIM State Shoot Results

AIM State Shoot Trophy list 👉 here

The Virginia AIM program and its participants would like to thank our sponsors and donors:
Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame
Virginia Trapshooting Association
Raphael Marasca
Mike and Cheryl Jeter
Also, thank you to the staff of VTA and Winchester Gun Club, who work tirelessly to make this happen.

The VTA State 2021 Shoot results

See the full Trophy Report here 👉

VTA 2021 State Shoot Results



Attention Gun Club Managers

For scheduling 2021/2022 shoots, please use the form below and email it to

vatrapaa@gmail.com and bentrib99@gmail.com 

This will get your shoots scheduled and have them on the events calendar. Fill out the form with your club info and dates then save it and email it to the two addresses noted above.

👉 Get the ATA Shoot Request Form here

VTA Sponsered Shoot Dates

2022 VTA Shoot Dates

Hall of Fame:  June 4th-5th
State Shoot:  June 29th – July 3rd
Old Dominion:  Sept 17th-18th

Pre-Classify and Pre-Squad

For ease of check-in, and to prevent long lines on the first day of the VTA shoots, please consider pre-classifying for all three shoots, and for the state shoot, pre-squadding. 

Below is the pre-classify form for all of the VTA shoots. Just fill in the info then send, and we will do all the work in advance.

Calendar of Events

Current VTA Bylaws

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